Ten Snoring Cures

Today the market is flooded with hundreds, if not, thousands of devices claiming to cure snoring. However we opt instead to remain traditional and used ten ‘cures’ in order to eliminate snoring.

My mission regarding this article is to try to cure snoring within ten days with the help of ten cures. But first, to analyze the cures beforehand, one must find out whether your snore comes from your nose or mouth. If you snore through your mouth, you are probably a tongue-based snorer which means your snore comes from the vibration of your tongue. If you snore with your mouth closed, you are probably are nose snorer.

Without further ado, here are a variety of cures, both oral and nasal, that would hopefully help you cure yourself of snoring.

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The box advertised that it can reduce the sound of your snoring or they’d have to give your money back. And here I am waiting for the check to be delivered. The instructions were clear: spray some of it at the back of your throat, uvula, and tongue and it’s a guarantee that you’ll be sleeping like a baby for 8 straight hours. The minty flavor did not even help with the dreaded formula. I would instead of opt to use mechanical contraptions than spray myself every night with the minty, so-called ‘helpful,’ formula.

Chin-up Strip

If you want to feel like your Hannibal Lecter who keeps on snoring throughout the night, then we prefer you use this. It doesn’t help me, or in my opinion anyone, to stop snoring. This sticky plaster claims to stop your snoring by keeping your mouth closed and encourage sleeping through the nose. It is uncomfortable as much as useless.


It is a mandibular advancement device. Their idea of stopping your snoring is by bringing your lower jaw and tongue forward so you’ll have more space in your mouth to breathe. At first, it kind of made me gag but I was determined to try it for the night. I managed to doze off with this in my mouth only to be woken up in the morning to be told that I snored like a train, for more info on this device please visit SnoreBore.

Inhaling Steam

This works by clearing nasal congestion which clears your nose of obstructions and provide a good-nights rest. But for ten minutes every night huddled up between blankets with the possibility of suffocating in steam, I don’t think so.


The nasal dilator which helps you eliminate snoring by shoving up a piece of plastic up on your nostrils to push them wide open. It’s supposed to help you breathe easily.

Though it has been reported that it can eliminate snoring, the long term side effect would be the permanent distend of the nostrils.

Sleeping on your side

By sleeping on our back, gravitational pull plays an important role on our snoring. The idea is that it pulls our tongue back to our throat which obstructs the airways. Though advisable to those who can easily change their sleeping positions, it’s difficult for those who can’t easily adjust.

Higher Pillows

By supporting the neck so the throat is less obstructed, snoring can be reduced. Though it can remove your snoring, both beneficial for you and your partner, you may feel some ache in your spine in the morning.

Herbal Spray

Nasal sprays shrink the lining of the nostril, which allows more breathing room. It also tightens the tissues in your mouth so that vibration will not be much severe. Though during my experience I haven’t completely dozed off snore-free, the sound of my snoring had been significantly reduced.


A nasal strip that, I must admit, feels really good. They work by opening your nostrils from the outside which seems to prove effective in doing so. Even though I slept like a baby throughout the night, my partner reported that I had still been snoring all night though on a much more quieter scale.


Prevention is better than the cure as most would say. It is a futile attempt to avoid alcohol, medications, and cigarettes altogether in my quest to stop snoring. Alcohol should not be taken atleast 4 hours before going to bed. And the result? Well, a good night’s rest and snore-free night should be suffice to describe my experience.